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“Mobile Distribution” company offers innovative consumer electronics. We work only with goods of high quality, competitive features and best price.

 What we offer is always trending and profitable.

 Currently we work with the following product categories:



It’s hard to image a life of a modern citizen without a smartphone. Here one can find everything: contacts, photos, notes, e-mail, Internet, social networks, shops and etc. According to GfK, smartphones is one of a few categories, which demonstrated growth inn 2016.


Mobile Phones

Despite of today’s popularity of smartphones, mobile phones (or feature phones) still keep its audience and market share. Usually these users don’t need any extra features and used to simple interface. Others love these devices for long battery life and reliability. Market share of feature phones in Russia is still not less than 30%, according to GfK.


Simplicity of use, compact size and mobility are main advantages of tablets behind laptops. Laptops are much more convenient for video content, that smartphones. According to IDC, in 2017 tablets with screen size 11’’-14’’ and tablets transformers showed growth.


More and more manufacturers start to pay attention to smart watch market. In Russia it hasn’t reached its limit still: according to J’son  & Partners Consulting, in the first half of 2016 for 1 sold smart watches there were 35 tablets and 190 smart phones. New smart watches are delivered to the Russian market in different price segment. The segment below 5000 is quite a popular one.

Health life style trend help to promote this type of products.


Accessories market is highly-competitive, but still the growing one. Cables, chargers and batteries always find its customer. The more smartphone market grows, the more accessories are being sold. High margin and turnover make it quite an interesting niche.

 We work both with standard and innovative accessories for all types of devices.